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Lake Bracciano, few kilometres away from Rome is a refuge of tranquillity. Its waters, crystal clear clean, where one can only navigate by sail or oars are an ideal surrounding to learn the techniques of the sea kayak.

It is years now that Sea Kayak Italy has chosen Trevignano Romano, heart of the “Parco Regionale Naturale”, as its base for its kayak centre.

The specific characteristics of the lake, inserted in an uncontaminated surrounding, render the very sophisticated quality of technical work that the school proposes, enjoyable and satisfying.

The surroundings are rich in vegetation and offer beautiful scenery; to paddle in an oasis of such tranquillity just a few miles away from Rome is a really unique experience.

Our operational choice to pursue our sea kayak formation on this lake, has given excellent results.
The lake water have a reassuring effect on beginners who find themselves immediately at ease and allows them to progress very rapidly in the more technical manoeuvres taught.

Trevignano’s lodging capabilities offer hotels, bead & breakfast and numerous campings. Enjoy lunch at our lake front headquarters, where it is possible to order healthy midday menus at a very reasonable price.