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A long experience dating back to 1994 (year Sea Kayak Italy was founded), allows us to offer our pupils guaranties of excellent results in a very short time. Our courses are formulated in such a way that lets our pupils approach sea kayaking in a stress free environment. Our instructors all have long didactic and navigational experience, as well as a passion for kayaking, nature and the sea.

The approach of more complicated maneuvers comes progressively and in a relaxed atmosphere. Each instructor being responsible for a maximum of 5 pupils. This choice allows us to offer maximum attention to our students and to follow their individual progress.

The equipment we provide: kayaks, paddles, wetsuits, life jackets, etc are all of the best quality one can find on the market - offering you a service of excellence. In the spectrum of our offers each one will find the one that best suits him – we have courses for all levels as well as very specific courses on advanced maneuvers such as the eskimo, rescue techniques, etc.

Our courses

First encounter with the sea kayak: 5 hours Saturday or Sunday.
The first contact with this vessel and the rudimentary techniques involved - the time to discover the fascination of this activity.

Getting to know your sea kayak: 10 hours divided over a weekend.
You will learn to paddle, to steer the kayak and to turn right side up after a capsizing and to save a capsized companion. Thus: mastering your craft and safety.

Advanced courses: 10 hours over a weekend.
One learns to eskimo, master navigational techniques, rescue and self rescue techniques. Thus: technique and safety.

The eskimo: 5 hours Saturday or Sunday.
For those who already know propulsion, rescue and auto rescue. With a method, experimented in years of practice we teach you how to execute a perfect eskimo.

How to rescue: 5 hours Saturday or Sunday.
For those who already know the techniques of propulsion and maneuvers
We master all security techniques at sea: rescue auto rescue, and rescuing groups.

Navigation: 5 hours Saturday or Sunday.
The organisation and preparation of a sea expedition, basic meteorology, reading a nautical map, nautical camping.

It is possible to obtain reductions for groups and associations, as well as courses during the week by contacting the school’s direction.