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Once completed our kayak formation on techniques and safety, our school offers its ex scholars the possibility to verify what learned on sea excursions of one or more days.

The lake of Bracciano is one of the destinations used for a one day excursion. To circle the lake takes between 5 to 6 hours of paddling. With a couple breaks and a moment to look over some particular technique, the day flies by.

Longer excursions destinations we recommend are the Argentario and the isle of Elba. One and a half hours from Rome one can embark to paddle in a translucent clear sea elegantly fancied with natural grottos and other sea marvels.

On both the Argentario and the Island of Giglio we can organise one or more days excursions with nights spent either in organised camping grounds or “in the wild”; as the group chooses.

Excursions to the Giglio or Argentario take place with a minimum of four participants and are led by one of our instructors.

Our school takes care of all necessities, by providing the following:
- professional fiberglass kayaks
- paddles
- life jackets
- watersuits
- water tight containers
- tents

All excursions are personalised to the requests of our clients thus we ask those interested to contact the school.

For information on availability and costs of our guided excursions please contact: info@seakayakitaly.com